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Show "No records" if no records are fetched

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By: JInish Abraham - jinish

Show "No records" if no records are fetched

2003-11-26 00:41

Hi Teodore,

I have a requirement of showing a text "No records found" on a report if no data is fetched. I need to keep the column headers as it is Can it be done using Jasper reports ?








By: Sunil - sunil_cet

RE: Show "No records" if no records are fetched

2003-11-26 01:32

In our project we resolved the issue in this way.



In the report properties say whenNoDataType="BlankPage" .


You can do this through Irpeort this way .

Goto View->ReportProperties menu

go to More tab

Set WhenNoDataType to Nopages.


During report generation process, after creating the JasperPrint Object but before exporting it to PDF/HTML file check for the number of pages using JasperPrint:getPages() method.

If it is zero, then throw an Exception back (to UI) saying the given selection criteria returned no result.

UI will catch this exception and will display the appropriate error message.

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