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Using stored procedures with parameters

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By: Gloria Cortes - gcortes

Using stored procedures with parameters

2002-01-03 08:49

Hi all,


We are testing Jasper to use it in a project. We want use stored procedures with parameters. When we fill the query with the stored procedure and parameters(i.e. "exec sp_rc31ConsRelCobros($P{planilla},$P{ciudad})"), we got an error filling the report. Whe solved the problem changing the method executeQuery(connection)in the JRQueryExecuter class.


The code:




if (clazz.equals(java.lang.Byte.class)

|| clazz.equals(java.lang.Double.class)

|| clazz.equals(java.lang.Float.class)

|| clazz.equals(java.lang.Integer.class)

|| clazz.equals(java.lang.Long.class)

|| clazz.equals(java.lang.Short.class)

|| clazz.equals(java.lang.String.class)) {

if (parameterValue == null) {

pstmt.setNull(i + 1, Types.VARCHAR);

} else {


/*** you had setString..*/

pstmt.setObject(i + 1, parameterValue);




Good Luck!


Gloria Cortes

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