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fill report from 3 different type of data ??

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By: brigand silvere - brsilve

fill report from 3 different type of data ??

2003-10-23 08:34



My probleme is not simple.

I need to use JasperReport, but i have to agregate data from 3 sources : a mySql connection, a mainframe connection (simulate by scorp), and data from beans.


I think i have to create a Datasource, agregate data in it, and fill reports with this datasource.


Is it right ?

And how can i do it ?


Perhaps another solution is possible. For example, in this project, it is easy to agregate Data in a Xml stream. Can i fill a report via a Xml ? How can i do it ?


Thanks for your help and every clue






By: dandotkar shashikanth - dshashikanth

RE: fill report from 3 different type of data ??

2003-10-23 16:11

hi ...

its simple if u have data in xml ...

first get the data in xml file..

if u see DataSource its extended from JRDataSource class..

which is abstract...so u need to override next() and

getFieldValue() methods....

so all u need to extend ur datasource with JRDataSouce class.

say for example ur new Datasource is called as


u shud pass the dataobjects inside this constructor through its constructor. when u fill the report u have to call this call... why not call this call with some arguments... iam sure this works....now the question is how to retrieve the data form xml..just parse it and get the result tree...n here i advise u that ...u know already what are the fields of ur table...so create a array of objects frm this table.

and these objects are the data objects for the MyDataSource class...

just call this:



JRReport jrReport;

Map parameteList;

Object[][] objects;


hope this works



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