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Vertically align an image or text in a band


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Cuurently i feel there is no way to vertically align image or text in a band. I have a detail band with dynamic records. I have to place an image on this band such that depending on the no of records the image appears vertically centered.

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The records need to be displayed using a subreport or a list component that runs side by side with the image, inside the same band.

Then, make the image stretchType="RelativeToTallestObject", vAlign="Middle" and scaleImage="RetainShape".

This way the image area will grow as big as the subreport or list component besides it, but depending on the scaling (RetainShape or Clip) it will not be deformed, but rather aligned at the Middle of this stretched area.


Check the /demo/samples/subreport or /demo/samples/listcomponent samples provided with the JR project package.


I hope this helps.


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