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SOS: Help for generating Table of Contents

2004 IR Help

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By: Ganesh - pganeshkumar

SOS: Help for generating Table of Contents

2005-01-03 12:05



I have a ToC as follows:


DEFINITIONS ?????????????????????. 3



I thought have 2 separate text fields for each line of ToC: one for the description part and the other for the page number.


I fixed the width for the description part as 375, left aligned and that for the page number as 50, right aligned.


The problem is that I am unable to get the alignment right for the description part, bcoz of the dots after each description.


I would like the dots to extend from the end of the text to the end of the trext field.


Any inputs would be most welcome. I am in a hurry as the deadline is fast approaching.


Thanks and regards,






By: CleverFool - cleverfool

RE: SOS: Help for generating Table of Content

2005-01-10 03:15

It is very simple.

Set X coordinates of both parts to some fixed value. Then add text field with dots and width equal to paper width. Add this field before both dynamic fields. Then set dynamic fields to be opaque (not transparent). All shoud work now perfectly.

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