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More exact adjusting of elements

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By: elmar weber - elmar_weber

More exact adjusting of elements

2003-10-01 06:21



I need to print smaller labels (Avery Zweckform 4730).


There are 270 labels on one A4 paper orderd in 10 columns with 27 labels each, measuring 17.8 x 10 millimeters. The exact space between them is 2.5 mm.


With the standard jasperreports resolution system I can only adjust the elements nearly at these values, which has the effect, that the colums 4-10 does not fit (they are either some mm to far or to close to the margin).



Is there any possibilty to change this and to increase the resolution? Or do you have any other ideas?


The only way I see is to modify the jasperreports code at the printing part and rescale the final image which is send to the printer by the specified factor (if i use 2100 as standard for width by factor 0,28333).


If not, this would be a nice enhancement.




Elmar Weber

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