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iReport 0.2.22 released!

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By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

iReport 0.2.22 released!

2003-09-25 01:25

iReport is a visual reporting tool based on JasperReports written in 100% pure java. You can manage charts, images, subreports,... Data can be retrived using JDBC, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML,...It supports output in PDF,XML,XLS,CSV,HTML,Java2D,...





I have released iReport 0.2.2.


Version 0.2.2 2003-09-22 14.20 change log



- Fixed a Wizard nullPointerException (bug [ 765559 ] Null Pointer exception)

- Added check for avability of a configured connection using the Wizard

- Implemented more than 30 element formatting functions (alignment, size, position,...)

- Implemented backup policies and check for file modified outside iReport

- Enhanced graphics performance

- Added external editor support

- Fixed bug 766031 related to build the zip distribution archive

- Fixed error on saving ImageExpressions (bug 767555, 777396)

- Fixed bug on saving password (bug 768016)

- Fixed CP1252 instead of Cp1252 (bug 768983)

- Fixed the loading of calculationTypes on variables (bug 769319, 788363)

- Compited report fonts support (segnaled on bug 777393)

- Fixed default bands haight on opening report (bug 779647)

- Fixed problem loading Scriptlet path (bug 783599)

- Fixed bug 786322 (was "most buttons show the tooltips that says "Copy"")


You can download it from:





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