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Section 'margin' below stretching text field

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By: Milton Taylor - ingennia

Section 'margin' below stretching text field

2003-09-14 20:10

There seems to have been a subtle change in 0.5.0, and we were just wondering what the intended behaviour was:


If a band is bigger vertically than all of the fields it contains, then you end up with a blank area below the lowermost field (as expected).


If the lowermost field is a stretching field, then previously the size of this empty space was preserved, but now what happens is the stretching field grows and consumes it, before expanding the band further if necessary. This results is a loss of the ability to have a bottom section margin. So the only way to achieve this effect is with blank space at the top of each section.


Although I preferred the earlier behaviour, I guess I can live with it working like this in 0.5.0, but I don't want to go and fix all my reports if this is actually a bug that gets fixed in the next version, thus reverting to the earlier behaviour!





By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Section 'margin' below stretching text field

2003-09-15 05:30

You cold try putting a WHITE line right after the last textfield that spans the entire page. When the textfields stretches this white line will be pushed down and maybe it will cause the space at the bottom of the band to be preserved.





By: Milton Taylor - ingennia

RE: Section 'margin' below stretching text field

2003-09-24 16:58

Not a bad workaround, but I would still like to know if this is now the intended behaviour!



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