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Urgent! How to Design such a report

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By: Xugagnqiang - whiie

Urgent! How to Design such a report

2003-09-15 22:45

In map(Map) parameters, it includes a vector parameter; there are variable hashtable in vector, and in each hashtable, it includes lots of String. How to design such a report design(xml file) to generate a report which has one row for each hashtable in vector provided by a session send by another jsp page? I know here all are always very helpful, and I am really thankful for anyone to give me any advice. thanks in advance.





By: Xugagnqiang - whiie

RE: Urgent! How to Design such a report

2003-09-16 01:38

To explain it clearly, I just give an example.

In jap page, Vector vector = new Vector();

Hashtable[] hashtables = new Hashtable[]{new

Hashtable(), new Hashtable(), new Hashtable()};

for (int i=0; i<hashtables.length; ++i){




so, I need print 3 rows for hashtables;

How to design?

Thank you!





By: Gregory A. Swarthout - gswarthout

RE: Urgent! How to Design such a report

2003-09-16 10:01

You could start by using the MapCollectionDataSource. It takes a Collection (such as a Vector) of Maps (such as a Hashtable) where each Map in the Collection is one row of data for the report.

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