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Web Start Compilation problem

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By: Tullio Bettinazzi - tullio0106

Web Start Compilation problem

2003-08-11 09:12

I've an application in wich I create some reports on the fly using jasper API.

Running this application in Client/Server mode it works.

When I try to run it using webstart I get a compilation error JRException : Errors where found compilin report espression class file .

I suspect the problem could be in Web Start however I don't understand why in client server it works and using web start it doesn't.

I use the same libraries (except for signature).

Could someone help me





By: Robert Casto - cincijava

RE: Web Start Compilation problem

2003-09-04 07:53

When working in Java WebStart you have to remember that your also in a security sandbox. Compiling a design to a report requires access to the file system which is not allowed. A user can enable this through the use of a .java.policy file in their home directory. There is no other way around this issue because it has to do with security.

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