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Evaluating printWhenExpressions

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By: Ivan Biddles - ibiddles

Evaluating printWhenExpressions

2003-08-07 09:17

In my report, I need to display the totals of three column before I display the individual row details.


My problem is that the third column is the difference of the first two and has to be black if positive but red if negative.


I have the printWhenExpression correct because it works for each detail row as it comes in. However, the third column of the totals does not appear in red when it is negative.


I believe this is because the printWhenExpression gets evaluated immediately and at that point both running totals are still zero so the difference is considered to be zero and it displays in black.


I have tried changing the evaluation time, with no success, and then I found a post from Teodor explaining that evaluation time does not apply to printWhenExpression.


I am at a loss as to how to get the effect I've been asked to create.



1. Totals at the top, in black or red according to positive or negative.


2. Then, afterwards, the actual rows of data.


Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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