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printOrder Horizontal

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By: Ralph Iden - riden

printOrder Horizontal

2003-05-28 15:44

I read a message in the forum that this option is not currently implemented. I too am in need of horizontal layout so my labels flow left to right instead of top to bottom.


Any idea of a timeframe or I may be of assistance getting this functionality in place?





By: ainhoa - sorgin

RE: printOrder Horizontal

2003-06-02 02:03



There is a patche that implemente the horizontal filling in detail part, I don t know if this can help you,




I have try it and it works fine,


Good luck,





By: Ralph Iden - riden

RE: printOrder Horizontal

2003-06-02 08:52

Thanks for your help. I dropped in the new JRHorizontalFiller file and rebuilt the jar.


It works as expected except, beginning with page 2, the first label on every page is blank. The label data from the result set is not displayed but only for the first label on the page.






By: Fabio Bossi - biofa72

RE: printOrder Horizontal

2003-06-13 09:13

I have your same problem as well. The first column in second page (and next pages I suppose) is not displayed.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: printOrder Horizontal

2003-06-13 09:49




The horizontal filler is now implemented on my

development platform.

It will be published with the next version,

hopefully over the weekend.


Thank you,







By: Ralph Iden - riden

RE: printOrder Horizontal

2003-07-14 15:27

The horizontal filler in version 0.5.0 still has something like an off-by-one error.


I have a label report that prints 10 rows of labels with 6 labels per row. The last label printed (on any page) is on row 10, first column. The other 5 columns are blank. The first label on the next page is the label that would have appeared in the second column of the row 10 of the last page.


Unlike the earlier offset error in early version of HorizonalFiller, no data is thrown away from the database. It just appears to fill in the last 5 columns with empty data.


If someone can point me to where the tests are made for page breaks, I might be able to help fix this.

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