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By: Danny Liu - dsyliu

X11 urgent

2003-06-19 14:35

Hi people,


I have my jasper running successfully on the windows but not Linux. I am aware of the previous solutions posted on this forum but failed after trying them all. Can somebody please tell me what to do to have jasper running on a Linux tomcat server and display HTML on client browser? When I ran my code on localhost (win2000), everything is fine. This is urgent and thank you very much for your help!







By: Boris Klug - bklug

RE: X11 urgent

2003-06-20 01:15

What do you tried?


What you need is:


1) A installed X11 (only installed, not running)

2) JDK 1.4 with system propterty set to headless support


Thats all!





By: Danny Liu - dsyliu

RE: X11 urgent

2003-06-20 12:27

I had the reports finally displayed on Linux box using Xvfb. But the graphics are not displayed. Can somebody please tell me what's the purpose of "px" file? I use iReport to create the xml file and when I want to display as HTML file, this "px" file is generated. I believe this file is related to graphics because the HTML code of my report is looking for this file under <image src> tag. Is this Jasper Report file or iReport file?


Thank you,






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: X11 urgent

2003-07-07 13:13




The built-in HTML exporter uses a 1x1 pixels

transparent image called px to perfectly align

elements in the HTML tables it generates.

This way the generated HTML closely resembles

the PDF format.


I hope this helps.


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