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Subreports - help using multiple and sizing

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By: Shawn Garbien - shawngarbien

Subreports - help using multiple and sizing

2003-06-27 06:51

I am having the following issue with subreports. Basically what I have is a MasterReport that is made up of 3 subreports. The MasterReport doesnt actually have any data -- it is just used as a definition for showing the subreports.


The three subreports all take in a JRBeanCollectionDataSource as the datasource.


My basic problem is this:


All I want to do is display the 3 subreports one after another. But, if I tried to put all 3 in the <summary> -- I have no way to know how big each one will be so I dont know how to define the "y" axis. It would be easier if you could have multiple bands for the summary (or the detail).


Currently, I have worked around this problem by placing one subreport in the <band> belonging to the <title>, one in the <detail> and one in the <summary>. This is not a very elegant solution.


Does anyone have any idea how to do this?


I am pretty new to this so I am hoping I am missing something.





By: Ryan Johnson - delscovich

RE: Subreports - help using multiple and sizing

2003-06-27 09:44

Maybe try creating a group for each one that only prints once (use a constant groupExpression). put the subreport in the header and make an empty footer:


<group name="sub1">



<band height="...











I'm hoping that bands resize properly if the subreport is bigger than expected, since I haven't used subreports before.


Good luck,


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