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A *real* challenge - combining reports

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By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus

A *real* challenge - combining reports

2003-06-09 06:26

So, all the reports I'm generating are working fine. And the customer asks when we'll have the ability to generate all the reports in a single PDF file. Since it's considered rude to spit coffee over an important client, I took this in my pace, but now I'm wondering how to go about it. The major problem is that the reports are a mixture of landscape and portrait, which undoubtedly makes things more difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can carry out this seemingly impossible task, either within jasperreports or through post-processing of the output?





By: Chris Green - c_g12

RE: A *real* challenge - combining reports

2003-06-09 12:22

I've done something like this - although not combining landscape and portrait reports. What I did was create each report as a subreport, and then have a master report to hold the subreports. I'd say to combine landscape and protrait reports, you'd have to make them all landscape, which would mean all the potrait subreports would use less of the width.





By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus

RE: A *real* challenge - combining reports

2003-06-09 15:02

Yup, I've used a similar approach to that for one of the reports in the setup, in fact: it uses a datasource where the fields represent subreports and parameter sets, allowing an arbitrary number of subreports to be included. But there's no sensible way to convert all the reports to either landscape or portrait form, so I need some way to combine the two. I suspect it's going to be a case of using an external tool to carry out the combining process, though...





By: Gregory A. Swarthout - gswarthout

RE: A *real* challenge - combining reports

2003-06-09 15:25

Does PDF format even allow some pages of a document to be

portrait while others are landscape? I'd check into this, first.





By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus

RE: A *real* challenge - combining reports

2003-06-09 15:42

I would assume not. However, rotating the landscape pages through 90 degrees should be possible.





By: Paulo Soares - psoares33

RE: A *real* challenge - combining reports

2003-06-10 04:03

The PDF format allows any page combination. You can create each report individually and then combine them using the utility in iText called Concat.

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