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Thats true, I did generated Analysis Report as the final output using Views.
But the my current problem is, I am unable to generate mondrian.xml using Views via Workbench,

  • According to the first snapshot I am not getting any view name from the DB using workbench. All I get is a column called alias.
  • According to the second snapshot I am able to see the list of the tables from the DB using workbench

But , I did generated my mondrian.xml using Views via CubeDesigner. But my development envronment is suppose to be workbench .

Hence my qusetion is using Workbench, like I can see the list of tables, is there any way that I can see the list of of  database views?

Note - I am currently working with Workbench-3.5.4 & postgresql.

Just now I noticed that views are also getting listed along with tables. However, let me verify it again.

Post Edited by syntel at 07/17/2009 12:27
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