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Use Subreport return value for charts?


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Unfortunately this is not easily achievable.


The moment at which chart datasets get increment and the moment at which values are returned from the subreport cannot be arranged in a convenient sequence. More precisely, chart datasets are incremented after a new row is retrieved from the data source and the variables are calculated, but before the band gets rendered, and values are returned from subreports while the band gets rendered. Because of this, the value returned from the subreport is not available when the dataset gets incremented.


The similar problem of displaying values returned from subreports inside the same band was solved by introducing the "Band" evaluation time for text fields. Maybe something similar can be done for the chart dataset increment type, but this needs more investigation.


Creating charts out of values returned from subreport is still possible using the image renderer approach (collect the values in the scriptlet and create an image renderer by directly using the JFreeChart APIs), but this requires some effort to achieve.




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I changed the Database from Access to mySQL and now the Charts do display something. The XY-chart displays the number of Telephone lines per hour and the Time-Chart displays only a dot at 00:00:00 and 0..

but i would like to have a chart of time and the used telephone lines per minute.


The X-Value is calculated by:


new Double

((new Double(0).valueOf($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(0,2))).doubleValue()+

(new Double(new Integer($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(3,5)).intValue()/60)).doubleValue())


$F{Uhrzeit} is the time as a String in Format '23:59'.


the Y-Value is just the number of Lines (Integer).


This Chart displays the number of Lines per hour, but should display per minute.


The Times Series Dataset seems to display a null-value.


It gets its time-value from this:

new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm").parse($F{Uhrzeit})


Both charts have Reset Type="Report" and Increment when expression = "new Boolean(true)"


Do you have any ideas?

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Ok, its working.

I changed the x-values to


new Double


(new Double(0).valueOf($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(0,2))).doubleValue()+

new Double(new Double(new Integer($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(3,5)).intValue()).doubleValue()/60.0).doubleValue()



and get Minutes.


I still do not know how to get the time-chart working, but thats not urgent anymore.


Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for the sample!


Sadly I couldn't make it work. Do you mind sharing the Connection properties within iReport to set up the Data source?


Name: Bean

Type: Custom JRDatasource

Factory Class: Dreamer.iReport.iReportBeanCollector

Static Method: getDatasource




Note: I made some class name changes (BeanSample->iReportBeanCollector) and the Dreamer.iReport is the package/location in the jar I added to iReport classpath in order to see the class.

Post edited by: javydreamercsw, at: 2006/11/15 14:27

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hi dreamer,


I used it directly in my application, so i didnt check if it worked with iReport.

I updated the uploaded sample to work with ireport (use include jar in classpath).

I posted instruction with the updated sample.

Let me know if you get it to run.





Post edited by: midrag, at: 2006/11/15 15:34

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We are now 6 years later and this is not working. Well, as far as I can see. The link for feature request does not exists (anymore).

Almost all my charts will be based on subreports - return values, but I don't think I can solve this problem within Jasper?



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