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Proposal: JRDetailOnlyFiller ?

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By: Andrew - affriedl

Proposal: JRDetailOnlyFiller ?

2003-05-21 13:10

I get the impression that some of the exporters are having trouble discerning "what to print and where" when examining the JasperPrint object's x / y data, and then merging columns etc.


Would it be feasible / possible / desireable to create a JRDetailFill only class?


This class would be only for very simple reports that are looking to include mass quantities of record data, each element within it's own cell.


I'm faced with producing a significant amout of simplistic reports that will often be used simply for XLS and CSV style output, and adding extra code to hide titles, lines and such is going to be a non-trivial task.





By: Andrew - affriedl

RE: Proposal: JRDetailOnlyFiller ?

2003-05-22 11:47

I actually did this and found that it produces excellent reports in XLS and CSV formats where you do not want to worry about headers and footers messing up your data. You still have to hide lines and graphics to keep all the data lined up.


It's a pretty ugly hack since I didn;'t have time to fully understand the source I was digging into.

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