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JRXlsExporter - Unable to load the result.

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By: Andrew - affriedl

JRXlsExporter - Unable to load the result.

2003-05-21 09:19

I recently upghraded my report generator to allo XLS formatted results.


Unfortunately, the formatting on XLS is less than I had hoped for - the PDF output is so good.


On the PDF report, I was hoping for more of a raw line based output with not page breaks. I used IS_REMOVE_EMPTY_SPACE... and IS_ONE_PAGE... however, the report would not longer load with these parameters.


This is under WIN2K and MS Office 2K, and the latest Jasper.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JRXlsExporter - Unable to load the result

2003-05-21 09:25




What do you mean by:


"...the report would not longer load with these parameters."


Thank you,







By: Andrew - affriedl

RE: JRXlsExporter - Unable to load the result.

2003-05-21 11:08

Well, I thought about it and perhaps I'd better explain. I export the reports to the end-user via a non-standard mechanism.


The front-end is entirely written in ASP, this is wher all the report parameters are collected and verified. After posting to an ASP page an verifying the parameters I forward them to the Jasper Reports server via WinHTTP. I then read the result back and write it to my ASP response using the content type and content that was returned.


Usually this all works fine, and PDF always works. MS Excel was reading the XLS reports until I added the new parameters, but after that, MSExcel complained that it could not read the file and then exited the process leaving me with an empty browser.


I have to redirect the user in the manner I have mentioned because I cannot allow the hardware that is serving up Jasper Reports to be visible to the general web population.


It is unfortunate though, because HTML pages no longer work with this method. The image URL are relative to the URI and no longer translate properly after the content is forwarded by this mechanism.

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