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water mark for a report

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By: jose - jose4

water mark for a report

2003-03-30 20:28

Hi Everybody!


Can I have any water mark for my

report.ie..something to be written

as a background for my report....

something like "Duplicate Copy " or

something like that as background





By: jose - jose4

RE: water mark for a report

2003-04-10 03:32

pls answer this





By: Alex Parfenov - aparfeno

RE: water mark for a report

2003-04-10 04:54

Try placing the background image in the page header with image's horizontal dimensions spanning across the page, while keeping page header band height whatever you have it today.

What should happen is that the image will underlay the rest of the elements on the page. (Its another question if and how acrobat reader will render such contraption).





By: Alex Parfenov - aparfeno

RE: water mark for a report

2003-04-10 05:04

Correction to previous posting, instead of 'horizontal dimensions', it should say 'both horizontal and vertical dimensions': basically idea is to place the image over the whole page.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: water mark for a report

2003-04-10 09:25




I'm afraid this does not work, at least not in more

recent versions.

The element can no longer go beyond the band bottom. But they can have a negative Y.

So, the watermark efect could be achieved by placing the image in the page footer, not page

header and using a negative Y in order to place

it at the top of the page.

But since it is placed on the page footer and the

page footer is the last section to be filled on the

page, the image will not be in the background, but

rather at the "surface".


I'm thinking of adding a special report band called

<background> that would behave more like a page

header, but have a height equal to the page height

and that will never stretch. All elements placed

in this band will be evaluated like they were placed

in the page header and will be in the background

of the page.

This way, watermark images could be placed ther

without problem.


Comments are very much appreciated.


Thank you,







By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: water mark for a report

2003-04-10 10:55

I like that idea as opposed to a specific watermark attribute to the report.


Having a separate band will allow people to expand on the idea. I can't currently think of anything else besides a watermark that you would put in the band. But, I suppose that is the point of "planning ahead".


So, you get my vote!





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: water mark for a report

2003-05-10 03:36




The 0.4.6 version introduces a new report section

called <background>.


Check the "Quick Reference" for details and

the "hyperlink" and the "query" samples to see

this feature used.


Thank you,


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