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subreports help !!!

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By: Shiva Murali - shivva

subreports help !!!

2003-04-23 04:01



i was wondering how to use the attribute "isStartNewPage" and "minHeightToStartNewPage".


My requirement is i want to print each subreport in a separate page.


my set up is like this. I have a master report and a detail report. The detail report has the group defined and the master report has the group querry.


Every thing is working fine except the new page concept. i am setting isStartNewPage attribute to true and minHeightToStartNewPage to 60 in the subreport. But i find that useless.


Am i doing any thing wrong.. any help please








By: harikrishnan - harishharish

RE: subreports help !!!

2003-05-07 01:37

suppose u have five pages of reports then create 5 groups for each report.

On the each group header band,put a subreport tool and give the corresponding expressions.

i.e suppose u have page1,page2,page3

On the subreport tool properties choose datasource expression ,the text will be

new JREmptyDataSource(1)

and the subreport2 expression will be page1.jasper, before that u have to generate the jasper file for each page.

Then hide the GroupFooter band i.e make its height to 0.

same way do it for all the pages.Then it works fine.


if u have any doubt mail me hari.balakrishnan@polaris.co.in

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