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Showing tables in report

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By: mpermar - perez_martin

Showing tables in report

2003-03-25 00:38



I'm evaluating the possibilities of JasperReports for using it in our internal software. It's amazing the flexibility of Jasper and I haven't any problem to use it with collectios, charts or JDBC datasources.


In our reports, the data is formatter mostly as tabular data. So I have a doubt. What's the way to print tables in JasperReport?


It seems that JasperReport core doesn't support the concept of table (i.e. some renderer that displays automatically a table, like JTable does with TableModel). So, currently I'm using iReport, and to simulate the tables I'm putting together various rectangles. As you can suppose this is a very tedious task.


Is a better way to do this?


Thanks in advance.









By: ernest du plessis - linksar

RE: Showing tables in report

2003-04-02 01:37

As far as I know. Nope

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