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subreport at next new page

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By: ryanwu - ryanwu

subreport at next new page

2003-03-27 23:18

Hi everyone.

I need help!

I have a master report that include two subreport,

How can I control each subreport is opened the new

page in master report,not continuous

open in master report?

thank you for your answer!!





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: subreport at next new page

2003-03-28 01:03




The only way to force page breaks is to use

isStartNewPage="true" in a group deifnition.


So, you could introduce two dummy groups, put

each subreport in a separate group header, and use

isStartNewPage="true" for both groups.

Those groups can even have null expression since

you only have two subreports in the master

document, or can have this expression if the

subreports are printed for each detail:


<groupExpression class="java.lang.Integer">




I hope this helps.







By: ryanwu - ryanwu

RE: subreport at next new page

2003-03-30 07:30

Thank you for your answer..

but I have already try it,It doesn't work.....

it still continuous open in master report





By: Bill Schnellinger - schnell29

RE: subreport at next new page

2003-04-01 14:55

There is another way.. dont know if it is a bug but, if you put

any of the following true in your sub-report, a page break will be generated.





if title is true,a page break will happen at the start of the sub-report, and if the summary is true, then one will happen at the end. I think this only happens if there is data in your subreport though.

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