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subtract 2 numbers


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I am new to Jasper Reports and I am trying to put togather my first report. All I want to do is create a variable that subtracts 2 numbers:




I can not seem to get this to work and can not find any examples. I keep getting a compile error:


'- operator invalid for java.lang.Double'


what could I be doing wrong here?

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Note that those should be valid Java expressions.

And in Java you cannot subtract Double ojects just like that (unless you are using JDK 1.5 syntax).


So, you either try:


new Double($F1{actual}.doubleValue() - $F2{}.doubleValue(forcast))


Or, you could learn how to config the JDT compiler for 1.5 compatibility here:






Another approach would be to use the Groovy compiler.

Check the supplied /demo/samples/groovy sample in our project distribution to see how simplified expression syntax could be used thanks to the Groovy language.


I hope this helps.


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Funny thing is I thought I had tried that before but it didn't work. It worked when I did it this time though so I must have typed something wrong.


Thank you for your help and I will check out the Groovy compiler when I get a chance.



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