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Fields / Subreports not displayed

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By: Eric Everman - eeverman

Fields / Subreports not displayed

2003-03-26 11:19

I think this is related to this RFE:




I'm finding that even when I use the isStretchWithOverflow="true" attribute for a textField, the field will not display if the font is too large to display in the given field height.


I'm having a similar and possibly related problem with subreports. If I set the height of the subreport the same all the way through - say 650 in the parent report element, the subreport height, and the subreport band height (using a single band), the subreport will not display. I need to drop the sub report's height to 640 in the subreport itself to get it to display. I have 0 margins and very little data in the subreport.


I can post my source XML, but it seems like others must have run across these symptoms. I wish I could say I had *nailed* the exact causes, but I must say it seems somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes I'm certain I've provided enought extra height and it still doesn't display, but dropping the font size fixes it.


Suggestions are welcome - any chance this could be fixed in the next release?


Thanks again,


Eric Everman





By: Eric Everman - eeverman

RE: Fields / Subreports not displayed

2003-03-26 11:31

I just had a thought on this - is it possible that a display field doesn't get 'signaled' to stretch unless the text is wide to display in the field?


In cases where the field is wide enough but not tall enough, perhaps the stretch doesn't happen? In either case, text should always be displayed even if it is cut off because it is useful for debuging and the meaning is still...


Eric Everman

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