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How to create dynamic columns in jasper report


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I have a collection of data that I need to display in the report and create .PDF file after that. The problem is the size of collection is not fixed, and I don't know how to create report columns dynamically. For example, a collection of Dates {Date_1, Date_2, ..., Date_n}, each Date_# takes 1 column in the report. Please share with me if there are some ways to do that with Jasper Report.

Another small problem is how to wrap data in 1 cell of the report. I have a column called 'Name', some names are so long that they can't be displayed fully in a cell. Is there any way to wrap it?

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hi greenfield82



U can do this by using Velocity framework along with JasperReports.



Refer this link:





For the second problem you have mentioned, there will be an attribute called isStretchWithOverflow for every text field. Set that attribute to true. The text in the text field will get wrapped within the text field in the report



DNV Srikanth

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Sorry for my poor English.

When i faced the same ptoblem (dynamical column) i generateв reports on fly. Here java sample:


private JasperDesign getSubreportDesign( int aSubreportNumber, List<String> aColumnNames )

throws JRException {

JasperDesign jasperDesign = new JasperDesign();



// Dynamic columns



/ columnQtty;


for( int i = 0; i < columnQtty; i++ ) {

staticText = new JRDesignStaticText();

staticText.setX( start_x );

staticText.setY( 0 );

staticText.setWidth( dynamicColumnWidth );


staticText.setHorizontalAlignment( JRAlignment.HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_CENTER );

staticText.setVerticalAlignment( JRAlignment.VERTICAL_ALIGN_MIDDLE );

staticText.setText( convert2HTML(aColumnNames.get( i )) );

setBox( staticText, (i == (columnQtty - 1)) );

staticText.setStyledText( true );

band.addElement( staticText );

start_x += dynamicColumnWidth;



jasperDesign.setColumnHeader( band );


The same manner make detail fields

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