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Printing Tab Characters


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I'd like to know how the status of this topic is. I've tried to print out tab characters but got only single spaces. I've found this announcement from Teodor but nothing else:


2003-03-25 13:33


Unfortunately, the engine does not handle tab characters properly for the moment.
I'll try to overcome this in the future.

I suggest you use a fixed size font and replace the tabs with spaces to see how it works.

Thank you,



Thanks a lot, Regards


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Hi, Marcus


This is still an open issue since dealing with tabs or other space characters in AWT rendering is not trivial.

I have this on one of my old TODO lists, but I don't think we tracked it properly.

So it would be great if you could sumbit this as a Request for Enhancement (or Bug) on our new trackers here at JasperForge.


Thank you,


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I see that there was feature request for the printing of tab characters:


artf1359 : Print Tab Characters


last modified on 07/20/2006



I've got a memo type field with names and descriptions and phone numbers neatly lined up with tab characters in the swing component but when the report prints out.. it's a horrible mess.



Have you had any progress made on this? please? :)




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