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Hi Oren,


Yes, the tool tMSSqlSP calls the database stored procedure. There are more details in the documentation.


Also, the section "Finding a State Label using a stored procedure" may be useful for you. It's not precisely the same as the job you want to do, but it should give you a good sample of using a stored procedure.





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thank you,

It looks like this component does'nt exist in the documentation or in the Jasper-etl. Are you sure you meant tMSSqlSP. Maybee it apears in a more advanced version of etl. I have a 2.1.2 version installed. How can see this component? Does it require an update?


best regard,


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Sorry, I forgot to come back to this thread to reply. JasperETL 2.3.2 is currently available for download. There had been some old links that made it harder to find, but it should be easy to find the download now.


Please let us know if you have trouble finding it.




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Hi Matt,

It has been 4 months since I wrote to you. I have downloaded "JasperETL-All-r12707-V2.3.2" and i was amazed to find out that tMSSqlSP component does'nt exists though the documentation said it does exists.


What am I doing wrong?




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