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I have a simply report that I would like to display a site diary entry. Each diary entry has multiple varchar fields some of which are 10000 char long. I currently have each text field in its own frame and if the detail band is high enough all data is display correctly else it is truncated at the height of the band. What I would like to do is have the band height grow to fit the record data, so the band height maybe as small as a couple of lines or grow to muliple pages in length.


Does anyone know if this can been done with jasperReports?




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Just use the "StretchWithOverflow" Property at your textfield (at the textexpression tab in iReport).


Set it to true and your textfield will stretch according to the value of the field.


Note, that you have to set your other elements (rectangles, lines, etc) stretching themselves according to bandheight dynamically to keep your design working if the fields stretch. (element properties --> StretchType)




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Hi Lucian,


I am also having the same issue of dynamically stretching the detail band.

In my case i have 4 columns - so i can't resort to vertical printorder. Please suggest.


Thank you very much for your valuable reply for my post related to request params in jasper report. It helped me a lot.



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