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How to create a date in my report


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Hi everybody,


I'm new in ireport. I've bougth the documentation but I don't manage to print a date in my report.

I've already manage to print a variable in my report that I have declared in my java class like this:

parameters.put("City", "PARIS");

and in my report creating a "parameter" called $P{City}.

How do I do to do the same with a date?

Thank you in advance.



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Why don't you try something like putting the following in your java code:

parmeters.put("dateParam", new Date())


In iReport create a parameter of type java.util.Date and name it "dateParam" (note the case). Then create a Text-Field and set its type as java.util.Date. In the Text-field expression editor select the parameter to be displayed (i.e. $P{dateParam}).


Hope this helps.



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