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Horizontal text field alignments


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I have a question concerning layouts. Consider the following text field expression:


"Total: "+$F{MB}+"MB used"


If the value of MB is a number then it will be output using toString(). But this behaviour is not ideal because the field looks better formatted, which can be done using the Pattern facility on a text field.


However this means I need to create three text fields:


"Total: "

$F{MB} (with a pattern set}

"MB used"


and place all three text fields beside each other. And this is where I have a problem. The output looks unprofessional if the text isn't perfectly aligned (horizontally), and given the value of $F{MB} is entirely variable, the gap between the fields can not be pre-determined.


Is there a facility to make text fields sit beside each other and automtically increase/decrease in width, ensuring all fields are kept close to each other?






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is what I do for currency...



you will probably want NumberFormat.getInstance()




"Total: "+NumberFormat.getInstance().format($F{MB})+" MB used"

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I'm taking the "X "+NumberFormat...+" Y" route but it's kind of annoying given I thought there were some internal date/number formatting features driven from parameters (REPORT_TIME_ZONE, for example). Surely what I'm asking for is a really sensible idea? Could this be added to the wish list of features? It seems increasibly obvious for anyone wishing to mix dates/numbers & text.






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