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Page numbering for multiple reports


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I have many reports in one PDF (with JRExporterParameter.JASPER_PRINT_LIST), it's good but now I want have correct page numbering for all pages.

For exemple :

Report1 : 1 page (page 1/n+m+1)

Report2 : 1 to n pages (page 2/n+m+1 ... page n+1/n+m+1)

Report3 : 1 to m pages (page n+1/n+m+1 ... page n+m+1/n+m+1)


That's the principe, it's possible ??


Thanks for all help and suggestions

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I would make a master report that deals with the page footer displaying the "page i of n" part. And inside it I would put 3 subreports that generate the actual content for those 3 sections.


If this is not possible for you now, then you could mark the text fields displaying the page index and the total number of pages with special "key" values.

Then, you can look for those elements in the generated JasperPrint objects and change their values, before batch exporting them.


I hope this helps.


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