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DynamicJasper, Jasperserver integration


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I have a java application (servlet) that is called from a coldfusion front end. The front end accepts user parameters (report uri, format, etc) that are passed to the servlet.


The servlet executes the requested report by issuing a run report web service call to jasperserver. The generated jasperprint object is exported in the desired format and passed on back to the coldfusion page that requested the report.


This works fine, but the limitation is that columns on reports cannot be selected dynamically. I want to be able to select columns dynamically, and display only those columns on the report.


Is there a way to integrate dynamicJasper in this scenario? Is there any other technology that can be applied in this case?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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We are considering this kind of functionality for JasperServer.

Please feel free to post a feature request so that we make sure we make it a candidate for an upcoming release.



Try give as many details as possible about how you expect this to work. Like how do you expect being able to specify the modifications to be made dynamically on an existing report template.


Thank you,


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