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How to display "No records found" message


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I don't know in which version this option is introduced, but in 2.0.1 the option is located in Edit -> Report properties -> tab "More...." -> and for option "When no data" select "No-data section". And the "No records found" text should go to noData band (View -> Bands -> set the noData band height, it is 0 by default).
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For older versions here is what you can do.


1. Create a static text field

2. Right click on this field then go to Properties -> Common -> Print when expression and type the following

new Boolean($V{REPORT_COUNT}.intValue()==0)

3. Now go to the Static Text tab and type something like

[code]Your selection has returned no results.


I normally place this in my Summary band.

This message will be displayed if there are no records.

Hope this helps!

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Hi ,


Is there any way to display "No Records Found in table"  String when I use Table inside Report...


I used Table inside report, It has separate TabeDataSet Data set. And Main Report has another Data set.

When i run report, i get data from Query used in Main DataSet, if i dont get Data from Query used in TabeDataSet,i have to dislay  "No Records Found in table" instead of blank or line for that perticular table.

Problem i faced is like this...

I cannot to access any Parameter/Field/Variable defined in TableDataSet to Main Report, So i cannot display any static text with  "Print When Expression".

Any solution/suggestion is appriciated...

Thank you...

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