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Compile Error in an older version with <style>


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Hi @all,


when i try to compile my report using:



<textElement verticalAlignment="Top" isStyledText="true">
<font fontName="Arial" pdfFontName="Helvetica-Oblique" isItalic="true"/>
<text><![CDATA[shipment is incomplete or damage;
Temperature logger shows temperature deviation. <style isItalic="false" pdfFontName="Helvetica">Please inform ... immediately!</style>


I get the error:


The Report Server was unable to compile the report you provided. Please verify that the report file compiles in your authoring environment, and try again.


The exception provided by the compiler is:


Unable to compile new report.

Attribute "isStyledText" must be declared for element type "textElement".


Someone knows this issue, or I´m to blind to see what´s wrong...


Kind Regards


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Instead of telling us you have a problem with an older version, you should have simply indicate which version of JR are we talking about and what version of report designer you are using to create the reports.

It appears we are talking about a version prior to JR 0.5.3, when support for styled text was introduced.


If you use such old versions of JR, then you should edit the reports either manually or using visual designers that are of a similar age, to make sure you do not make use of attributes and tags that were introduced later on.


I hope this helps.


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