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Adding of jasper print object problem


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Combining jasper print object like this


for (int i = 0; i < nSubReport1Pages; i++) {

jasperPrintAll.addPage((jasperPrintSub1) report1List.get(i));



for (int i = 0; i < nSubReport2Pages; i++) {

jasperPrintAll.addPage((jasperPrintSub1) report2List.get(i));







gives desired output in both html and excel but while displaying this combined output of two jaspers object in pdf its giving a page break for the two jasper printobjects which i dont want

HOw can we do this


Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.




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If you have generated the two reports independently, then each of them will start on a new page.

If you want the second document to start where the first one has finished on a page, then you must put them together as subreports in a master report.


You could put them one after the other with positionType="Float" in the <title> sections of a master report width whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" which you fill with a null data source.


I hope this helps.


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