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Overlapping text in the PDF


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This is probably a newbie question, but here goes.


I've got a report (attached) that looks fine, as long as the text is not too long.


Once the text grows too much it renders on top of inself on the same page rather than starting a new page. I a way it seems like its starting a new column rather than a new page, but I am completely confused as to what's going on.


I'm attaching the jrxml file in this post, and the sample PDF output in the following post.


Thanks in advance,

Dave Cherkassky

DJiNN Software Inc.



[file name=renewal-f5cadcd26f4657a70a1997a10fb749f9.jrxml size=24615]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/renewal-f5cadcd26f4657a70a1997a10fb749f9.jrxml[/file]

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The problem comes from the fact that your report template has 5 columns.

On multi column reports, the width of the group headers and footers decreases accordingly.

As you can see in iReport, there are those vertical grid lines showing you the virtual boundaries of those bands.

You ignored them and you have put elements as wide as the page itself.

This is why they render on top of themselfs because the engine will fill 5 columns (will start from the top of the page 5 times) before adding a new page.


If you still think you need 5 columns for the detail band, you should consider a subreport with 5 columns, but only for the detail.


I hope this helps.


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Yup, that was a newbie question.


When I created my very first report ever, I used iReport's wizard. It asked be how many columns I wanted, and I said 5, thinking I had 5 database columns that I was using.


And that answer has been cut-pasted all over the place.


Thanks for your help,

Dave Cherkassky

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