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count function


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if you mean every row then here we go:


in my report i am printing city details, so each row represents a city+ number of employees, i am counting based on the city_name field.


- create a new variable

Variable name -- whatever you want i.e total

class type - java.lang.integer

calculation type - Count

Reset Type - Report

Increment type - none


variable expression - $F{city_name} - will be different for you obviously, but is the rows you want to count.


hope this helps, i am new to iReports myself but learning fast, hopefully looking at other peoples problems will help me learn quicker!

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There is a variable built into each report called REPORT_COUNT. It contains the total number of records processed from your data source. If you are not using a Print when Expression on your detail band this will give you the value that you are looking for.
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