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Reference for Mondrian Data Source?


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I'm looking for documentation about mapping OLAP query results to fields in my report design.


I looked at the sample document and that was enough to get me going.


However, I'm hoping to find more detailed information about what is going on in the contents of the <fieldDescription> element.


I've been digging through the source to try to figure it out. The ANTLR grammar




seems like there is quite a bit more to the mapping expressions than the mondrian/jasper sample shows.


However, I'm having trouble finding any reference material on it. Any ideas where I should look?


Thanks much in advance.

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For future versions, we are going to provide more syntax details in the JavaDoc for the Mondrian data source.


If you need this kind of information right away, you can find it in The Definite Guide To JasperReports, which is available for purchase here:



I hope this helps.


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