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I successfully installed iReport on Windows. When I try to create connection to the database on Linux through jdbc, i get connection refused error. Even after disabling the firewall on the Linux i continue to get this error.


And second question: I installed iReport on linux and use Evince pdf reader. When i execute it first time, everything gies well, but on the second trial, iReport stops responding.


Please help me at least with one of them...


Thank you!

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About the first problem, "connection refused" usually does not mean a firewall, but a port on the server where no service is listening ...

1. the db server does not run

2. the db server runs on a different port than you think

3. the db server only listens on the loopback address (

4. the server has a different address than you think


I'd guess 3, if you are using mysql or postgresql, as at least those DBMS usually don't open on external interfaces due to security considerations.


telnet localhost <the port>


telnet <hostname> <the port>

on the linux machine.

If the first one succeeds, but not the second one, then (3) is the issue.


Hope this helps,


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