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  1. Hi! What are you trying to to ... Create asynch reports via the web interface, or programmatically? Via the web interface, just follow what I wrote below -- log in as administrator, navigate into the report directory, and click the "run in background", or the "schedule report" icon. Programmatically, I have no idea ... I didn't extend the JS code itself, yet. Yours, Sebastian
  2. Hi! There functionality for this - look in the JS guide: When listing the reports, you have two icons - the first one of a calendar, to run the report on a schedule, the other one of a table with a blue arrow to the right in front of it, to run the report asychronously. Hope this helps, Sebastian
  3. Hi! The best way is to use iReport and the jasperserver plugin ... Then, any image you drag&drop from the JS plugin view onto the report is reference by a repo:... url, which is then used for finding the image when running the report on the server. Of course, this requires the image to be on the server - which it does, anyway, if you want to use it from JasperServer. On the other hand, a repo: URL can't be accessed when you just run the report in iReport, only when running it via the plugin. Sebastian
  4. Hi! I'm not a Jasper developer, yet IMO: If you downloaded it from SourceForge, it's open source and thus the LGPL version. The pro version you can't "just download" there. Sebastian
  5. Hi! Maybe you have this problem: http://jasperforge.org/sf/go/artf2625?nav=1 Was fixed in 2.0.1 ... Sebastian
  6. Hi! On Linux, usually, sh is a link to bash. Seems the sh on solaris is a real sh, possibly an older version, and whoever wrote the startup.sh script used bash, not sh syntax ... works on nearly all systems, but not on all, it seems ... Maybe you can file a bug report, that the script needs to be changed either to bash, or the "substitution" needs to be adjusted to sh syntax? I'd guess the Code: EXEDIR=${0%/*} is the problem ... Yours, Sebastian
  7. csbac wrote: Hi! JFreeChart ChartFactory.createPieChart(String, PieDataset); Sorry, you're right ... I missed the three booleans ... JFreeChart ChartFactory.createPieChart(String, PieDataset, boolean, boolean, boolean); Sure you don't have an older version of jfreechart lying around in your tomcat installation? Seb.
  8. You need to "pass" them on to the sub dataset, by setting the default values of the sub dataset parameters to the values of the main parameters. Hope this helps, Sebastian
  9. Hi! If you are using SQL ... any way of converting the string field into a double field in the SQL query already? Otherwise, the only way I see is writing a scriptlet that contains a "non-throwing" conversion function, and deploy the scriptlet together with the report, as svenn already mentioned ... Sebastian
  10. Hi! Just a guess: error=2 means file not found ... is javac on the PATH? Sebastian
  11. Hi! When you use a grouping expression, you need to sort the sql query by this expression ... So, it's Code: SELECT DISTINCT l.accountId, l.eventType, CONCAT_WS(', ',monthname(l.date),year(l.date)) as eventPeriod WHERE (l.eventType = 6 or l.eventType = 12) order by CONCAT_WS(', ',monthname(l.date),year(l.date)) or possibly Code:[code] order by eventPeriod not sure whether mysql supports this .. Sebastian
  12. Alternatively: index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=&func=view&catid=8&id=23959 Code:$X{IN, estimate_value, estimatevalues} Sebastian
  13. Hi! Obviously, there is no X11 installed on the Linux machine, and AWT expects to find it ... You might have a try with java.awt.headless http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2SE/Desktop/headless/ , though I'm not sure whether this will help you with such a shared library loading issue ... Hope this helps, Sebastian
  14. Hi! Does it work if you use the simpler query Code: SELECT {[Measures].[unit Sales], [Measures].[store Sales]} ON COLUMNS, {[Time]} ON ROWS FROM [sales] ? Sebastian
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