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JasperServer Custom Input Control & Report Screen


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I have linked JasperServer and iReport together and created a report that draws upon a sub-report (using a paramter on the subreport) and image that are all held in JasperServer and it works well - I'm very impressed.


The next stage is to add a parameter on the main report and as I understand is possible, create a custom JSP page that will be displayed to collect the parameter from the user.


If I use the wizard in JasperServer and look at the report I added through iReport I can step through the registration stages to the screen entitled 'Custom Input Control and Report Screens' where 2 JSP pages can be referenced. I have seen, though I can't find it again, somthing about being able to specify these pages from the iReport plug-in too.


What I'm hoping to end up with is a JSP page, that uses JSTL to access a database, populate a control, that provides the parameter values the user can choose. The chosen value is then passed to JasperServer and the report displayed.


Is this possible, or am I wide of the mark as to what these JSP pages are used for?




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