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Report Customizer


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We want to prepare a report customizer

like salesforce.com. By using that customizer

report admin can prepare a new report by selecting

the entity and the columns he requires with

condition using web user interface only.


Is it possible using JasperReport.

How can we proceeed ?


Could anybody help us.




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Top Posters In This Topic

Our JasperServer Professional and Jasper4Salesforce versions do this "ad hoc" report creation. The 2.0 version just out now starts with a well defined query, and allows the user to select the fields they want to appear, layout the report visually (listing, crosstab), set filters, run and save it to rerun or schedule later.


Jasper4Salesforce leverages saleforce.com's metadata layer to discover the user's available objects and object fields, and generates the required query, report unit and controls.





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