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Subreport / Access is denied in "Resources" folder


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Hello All,


Although I have read the current discussions for Subreports and the "Access is denied" error message when running a report with a subreport, I'm not able to get it running as I want to have it / would expect to get from the manual...


I have a simple report as Report Unit & a simple subreport in the Resources folder of the Report Unit.

I reference it with the subreport expression



/Test as a folder in the root directory

/testreport as the report unit

/Resources as the std. Resources folder of the report unit

/subreport.jrxml as the name of my subreport



When I put the subreport in the folder /Test it works ...


Thanks for any help!


Kai Schmitte

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Hello Sherman,


thanks for the quick answer.

Removing the "/" did it ...

It looks now as following:


I guess this is the only notation I didn't try ...)





Post edited by: kschmitte, at: 2007/06/14 17:12

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