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Allocated fields - two instead of one page!?


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in iReport everything looks good, but when I print it, the first Page is allocated on two sites?

I mean, the different fields and subreports are allocated on two pages.

Imagine you put the two sites together, hold it against the light, and everything is in place!? :(


I've tried to find a differnce between the fields on page one and two, but I can't find one - accept the xy-coordinates.


So, any idea, what happend and what I can do to get this one page on one page?


Thanks, Joerg

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our Softwaresupplier shift the blame for this on JasperReports.

The Reason should be the Prescribe-Code on the first Site! We're asked to use Prescribe only from page two on!? :ohmy:


So, is this a bug of Jasper or a bug our supplier has to solve?




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No, only the correct Data.

To explain: For Example the "To Adress" is not on both pages, only on the second! Then a couple of lines are on page one and the next one is on page two again... :(


In the report everything is in the band TITLE.

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