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¿how "new Date()" return values?


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Hello my friends, i'm very happy for write in this forum.


I have a question.


Which is the default language that return the sentence new Date(), for example:


return the month:


-> Enero in spanish or...

-> January in english


ireport examine the language of the operating system?


or return the values according to the inner language?


Excuse me for the grammar of this post.

I don't speak english.


Than you for your help.

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Hi Raulsaavedrax,


I'm not sure how iReport "decides" what language to run in. But it will render the report in whatever language Java is using. For example, my operating system is using English, therefore Java starts by default in English. Therefore in a text field with the expression "new java.util.Date()" and the Pattern "EEEEE dd MMMMM yyyy" I get this:


Friday 08 June 2007


But if I modify iReport's startup.bat to launch in Spanish, then I get this in my report (without making any changes to the report):


viernes 08 junio 2007


To run iReport in Spanish I added this parameter in startup.bat:



Note: What language iReport runs in is a different question. When I changed the Java language to "es" my iReport still ran in English. But you can change this with the menu choice Options -> Settings -> Language.





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