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Getting db data other than used in report query


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If I have report query which gives employee info(having fields name, address, phone no only) and if I need to display their salary info, which is not available in the report query, how can I show salary value in report?


I tried using subdataset creating a new to pull employee salary, but I don't know how to use it. Is this case a correct one to use subdataset? Please give me an example of using subdataset.


Thank you in advance.

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Actually that's just an example to explain the situation. In my case, all data cannot be pulled from a single query, so the report query just pulls the main info(name, address, phone no only), but since I need to show salary info(we can assume that the main report query can't pull salary info along with employee info), how can I show salary info. Does JasperReport allows to use multiple report queries?
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