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sum of strings


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Hey there

I`m new with this reporting tool

So i have database fields with values of strings

(c13,c14,c15,c16)but these string values are numbers.


And i need to sum all these fields values.In report i need to see c13+c14+c15=3+2+1=6


i created variables with expressions:

$F{C21}==null ? "0" : $F{C21}

and then used the Integer.valueOf($V{c16}) but it doesn`t worked.String and integers conflict

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you cannot test the condition $F{C21}== null. Even though it will work outside of iReport,(for reasons I do not know) this test will fail when used in a variable/group/textfield/printwhen expression.


You should just convert your strings into ints first, then do the addition...


c13.intValue() + c14.intValue() + c15...etc


Make sure that the textfield you are using has the correct class defined as well. (Don't define a String textfield and feed it int's)


Hope this helps...

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We also faced the same problem here i wanted to show data in specific pattern and if data is not there then it has to print NO_DATA the problem was if i use text field class double then i can't print NO_DATA and if i make it string then i can't achive result in desire pattern format.


We created java class for this it will take value and always return string data type if its null then it returns NO_DATA else formated value in string formate.


Hope it will be helpfull for others



Ritesh Kumar

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