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Applying WHERE condition in Fields


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I am pretty new to JasperReports/iReport. Please forgive me if the solution is too simple or too complex:)


I have a report query which produces following result:


param_id param_name param_value

1 game_name football

2 player_count 12

3 play_duration 1.5hr


What I want is to show these values horizontally instead of vertically as follows:


game_name=football player_count=12 play_duration=1.5hr


I tried applying sql WHERE clause in fields, but it seems like Fields only understands Java expressions, not sql.


So, the problem can be generalized as displaying row data as columns.


What are the solutions available for these kind of problems? And which one is the best to use?


Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for the solution. That feature was very cool. But that didn't solve my original problem. I am sorry to present the question in that way, but what I actually want is to be able to select single param_name/param_values from the rows of them. For e.g. I need to display only


game_name: football


I need to do it in iReport, not in the report query.

So I just need to apply filter to get my required data, which I am unable to do right now.


Thank you in advance.

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