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In the past I have had great success using JasperReports for reports. I now need to perform letter generation which in particular has multiple pages. I have read some convoluted ways of doing this but I am trying to just get a better and more plainly stated way of finding out a solution to this. Can we have a multi-page letter / form done in JasperReports? I would rather not have a user have to generate three seperate reports; one for each page.


Any help would be HUGE. I love JasperReports especially the way it integrates into the Spring / Hibernate frameworks. Now I just need to make it conform to yet another crazy client request.



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I have the same requirement, and it's not a "crazy client request" in our case. We have a number of multi-page forms created for clients off of a single database record. It's quite easy to do in SQL Server Reporting Services but I don't see a way to accomplish it with JasperSoft Studio 5.6. Can someone show me where I'm wrong?
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